5 Ways To Add French Charm To Your South of France Retreat

Are you planning a luxury retreat in the South of France? You’re in for a treat! It’s a beautiful area that exudes both sophistication and relaxation in equal measures. Transforming your retreat to reflect this is the perfect way to surprise and delight your guests. At Château Saint Georges we provide the perfect venue for your South of France retreat and we have the experience and knowledge to make your event a success too, including adding even more French charm to your details! From culinary delights to decor, here are 5 French-inspired elements to add a touch of “je ne sais quoi” to your South of France retreat.


5 Ways To Add French Charm To Your Cote d'Azur Retreat

Select French Invitations or Materials

Start your Fench retreat off with sophisticated invitations for your guests. This could include famous and inspirational French phrases related to your retreat theme or calligraphy and illustrative art details that add an authentic touch! Retreats are a time for reflection and learning so handing out themed notebooks is also a wonderful touch. If you are hosting anything other than a floral retreat then display French flowers such as lavender, peonies, or roses to release a beautiful aroma. If you are hosting a French floral retreat then make sure you are using these in your displays! Alternatively, if you are hosting a cooking class or providing meals for your retreat ensure you use classic French flavours and cuisines. and even consider a guided lavender-scented meditation session for yoga retreats too!


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Choose Chic Decor and Embrace Your Surroundings

Embrace the French aesthetic whether you’re indoors or out! Depending on your venue will depend on how much you have to do to add a touch of French charm. The South of France is picturesque and has copious amounts of beautiful outdoor space so use this to your advantage for the activities of your retreat. Conducting morning yoga sessions against a backdrop of the French countryside is one surefire way to embrace the tranquillity of nature and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. For other decoration think elegant table settings, soft color palettes, and subtle, sophisticated touches. Incorporate elements like chandeliers, lush furnishings, and opulent accents to create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.


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Add French-style workshops to Your Itinerary

There are so many French-inspired workshops that you can add to your itinerary, no matter what retreat you are hosting! These could include, painting, poetry, culinary classes or a French history submersion. If you would like to awaken the senses, if appropriate, you could add a wine-tasting experience for you and your guests or if you’re in the Cote d’Azur region you could treat your guests to a perfume workshop from some of the local and world-renowned perfumeries.


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Play French-Inspired Music

Go for a classic French style when it comes to the music for your retreat. This could include adding live entertainment with a band or string quartet. If this doesn’t suit the vibe of your retreat you could create playlists featuring iconic French musicians and famous French songs.  Whether its background or forefront complementary music will add a touch of French ambience to your retreat.


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Select A French Menu

Your South of France retreat wouldn’t be complete without serving a delicious French menu. Select scrumptious traditional dishes such as Coq au vin, Escargot and of course, French bread and cheese is always a good idea. Pairing them with French wine or champagne would be the piste de resistance to your retreat menu and leave your guests surprised and delighted with the beautiful and cultural touch to the true South of France experience that you’ve created for them to enjoy.


5 Ways To Add French Charm To Your Cote d'Azur Retreat

By incorporating these French touches into your South of France retreat, you’re not just creating an event; you’re creating an experience. From the aromas to the tastes of the region, each element adds a layer of sophistication, making your retreat a memorable and relaxing escape for you and your guests.

No matter what retreat you are planning Chateau Saint Georges’s idyllic and serene surroundings, luxury accommodation and wonderful range of facilities and services provide a nurturing, motivational, and relaxing environment for you and your guests. Our retreats in the South of France. really are as good as they sound. If you would like to enquire or know more information please get in touch!

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