How To Create A Classic French Wedding on the Côte d’Azur

If you’re planning a French wedding you’re no doubt dreaming of a wedding that exudes romantic sophistication and timeless and chic elegance. It’s what we’re known for and it’s the perfect inspiration to mould your wedding around. Creating a classic French wedding is about embracing simplicity, elegance, and attention to detail, and the details more than count! Let the romance of France inspire you from the flowers you use to the attire you choose. Here’s how to create a classic French wedding that will leave your guests wanting more…


Luxury Destination Wedding at Château Saint Georges, Côte D'azur

Choose A Charming Venue

For a classic French wedding, you have multiple venue options! Consider the charming aesthetic of a Chateau for a timeless and elegant vibe, a rustic-luxe vineyard that celebrates the wines of the region or a beautiful historic estate with picturesque gardens that epitomise French charm. Depending on what type of feel you want for your wedding day will depend on what type you choose so look around and choose a venue that speaks to you.



Have Décor that Speaks Romance

French wedding decor is all about embracing a soft and neutral colour palette that complements the lush greenery of the epic landscapes that surround it,. Incorporate ivory and white tones with dusty pastel shades and of course gold! Gold accents add a touch of opulence to your styling and can be incorporated throughout your wedding day decor. Using lace, fine china, crystal, and candlelight can also add sophistication to your romantic French theme.

French Flowers Are A Must

Whether it’s a French countryside romance or opulent and grand drama, French florals can provide the style and substance you want in your wedding day flowers. Opt for delicate and aromatic garden-style floral arrangements using lavender and baby’s breath or ramp up the volume with exploding peonies and classic white roses.


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Culinary Delights

France is known for its culinary cuisine so work with a caterer to curate a menu that showcases its array of excellent and mouth-watering dishes. Think coq au vin, escargot, and crème brûlée. Pair these delights with fine French wines and champagne for an exquisite dining experience for you and your guests.

Chic Attire

Polished and sophisticated is the classic French style. Brides should choose a classic gown with timeless fabrics like lace, silk, or satin. Ballgowns and fishtail dresses work particularly well. Grooms should opt for well-tailored suits or classic tuxedos for a polished look that complements the French aesthetic.


Chic Destination Wedding At Chateau Saint Georges, Grasse

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Elegant Stationery

Your stationery is a huge part of your wedding day and should definitely not be overlooked when it comes to achieving the classic French aesthetic. Select refined stationery featuring timeless fonts and delicate detailing.  Hand-drawn illustrations and calligraphy are perfect too! Incorporate French phrases such as “Je t’aime” I Love You or “Mon coeur t’appartient”  My Heart Belongs to You for an authentic touch.

Live Entertainment

French music is a must if you want a classic touch on your wedding day. Hire a live band playing French music or a classical ensemble for an elegant ambience during the ceremony and reception. For your first dance, consider doing a romantic Waltz as newlyweds.


Weather Related Issues When Planning Your Destination Wedding


Go Regal with Your Cake

Big. bold and tall is the way to go with your wedding cake. Choose a tiered wedding cake with classic detailing. and classic French flavours. This should include simple and muted colours with intricate pipework and have flavours of vanilla, chocolate, or raspberry. All of these elements will add an authentic touch!

Choose French Favours and Details

There are so many French details that you can add to your styling. French favours are abundant in macarons, miniature bottles of French wine, or lavender sachets. These small personalised gifts will reflect the charm of France and delight your guests in the process. Adding a champagne tower or a crepe station will also add more beautiful French details to your wedding day.


Your French wedding day should be unique and that’s exactly how we make it here at Château Saint Georges. If you would like to find out more about our venue and hosting your very French wedding day with us get in touch, or for more tips and ideas you can visit our advice and inspiration blogs here!




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