A “Little Versailles” of the French Riviera, the chateau and castle wedding venue was built in the second half of the 19th century by the famous Grasse perfumer Leon Chiris in the “Second Empire” style and was named after his son George. Leon Chiris was the fourth generation of the great Chiris family, who created one of the most important and innovative perfumery in Grasse. A precursor, he has developed the company in France and abroad, particularly in Morocco and Algeria.

One of the most influential political personalities of the time, Leon Chiris welcomes Queen Victoria of England at the Chateau, during her visit in Grasse in April 1891.

Among the pleasant incidents of Her Majesty’s sojourn at Grasse was a visit to the perfume-factory of M. Chiris, a gentlemen who is the owner of a delightful villa and gardens, which has also been courteously opened by him to Her Majesty.

The Illustrated London News – April 25, 1891

Queen Victoria at Château Saint Georges, 1891

Journal of GrasseQueen Victoria VISITS OUR CASTLE WEDDING VENUE

Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, in love with Grasse and its surroundings, regularly visited the Château Saint Georges, now a castle wedding venue.

The newspapers of the time specified the followings:

Queen Victoria continues as usual, her excursions in our surroundings. For some days she especially likes the rides at Villa Saint Georges, (…),it is rare that it renders Her Majesty the morning and have a long time contemplating the wonderful panorama of Grasse valley from the top of the terrace which surrounds the beautiful grounds of this property.

Noted, Journal of Grasse, Thursday, April 16, 1891

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