How To Choose The Perfect Season For Your Destination Wedding In France

How To Choose The Perfect Season For Your Destination Wedding In France

France is an enchanting location full of stunning scenery for your very special destination wedding celebration. Each season is as beautiful as the next and each season brings its own irreplaceable charm, unique advantages, and of course disadvantages too! If France is THE PLACE  you’ll have no arguments from us! One crucial decision you’ll need to make is selecting the time of year for your special day, and this will vary from couple to couple. From cosy autumn nuptials to summer sun ‘I dos’  we’ve put together a handy guide of top tips and advice to help you choose the perfect season for you to host your destination wedding in France…


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Romantic Spring Blooms

Springtime in the South of France is full of blossoming blooms and beautiful warming sunshine. On average, around 60% of the day is taken up with sunshine and the air is full of laid-back vibes and a classic welcoming French atmosphere. It’s a popular time to get married due to its temperature and available venues. If you want a wedding surrounded by vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and moderate to warm weather, this season is perfect. There is however chance of showers in spring, the term April showers does get its name from somewhere! This means that you will need to have a backup plan and some covered or indoor areas for both your ceremony and reception. You’ll have a wide range of beautiful seasonal flowers to choose from for your decor in spring too!


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Elegant Summer Sun

Summer in the South of France is of course the most popular season for destination weddings.  The sun is shining non-stop, and there are extensive daylight hours making it perfect for open-air ceremonies, receptions, and al fresco dining.  You also have more time to capture those all-important photography shots and have a pretty much guaranteed visible sunset for golden-hour snaps. There’s also an abundance of seasonal cuisine to choose from, allowing for delicious menus to wow your guests. However, there are some cons. Keep in mind that it’s a peak tourist season, so book venues, accommodation, and suppliers well in advance to secure your dream wedding.  Whilst I’m sure you will welcome the warm weather, bear in mind that the heat can sometimes be too hot for outdoor activity and dining, so look into providing shaded areas and cooling options for you and your guests.


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Cosy Autumn Vibes

With the lingering blaze of the summer sun autumn can be pleasantly warm. The landscapes have a warming glow and the autumn foliage can provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding photography. Like spring there are fewer tourists allowing for a more intimate gathering and the ease of booking your preferred venue, suppliers and accommodation. It’s a season of vibrant colours, cooler temperatures, and culinary delights. All of this can add a touch of cosy magic to your wedding day. Be mindful of cooler evenings, the possibility of rain and shorter days. Also, if you have guests travelling from abroad they may be more prone to face travel disruptions due to weather-related issues.


How To Choose The Perfect Season For Your Destination Wedding In FranceHow To Choose The Perfect Season For Your Destination Wedding In France

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Intimate Winter Wonderland

The South of France, generally known for its scorching summers, is just as beautiful in the blazing winter sun.  Your winter wedding will bring an intimate romance and although the chance of snow in the South of France is minimal, you can create your own winter wonderland for your special day. There is a small chance of outdoor celebrations, however, this is the season for charming indoor wedding venues that wow from within. Winter is considered an off-season for weddings so this can lead to saving costs on venues and services too, but bear in mind that some suppliers may not take on as many weddings in winter.  Weather-related challenges are by far the most obvious disadvantage when it comes to winter weddings and they may create logistical issues all around so be mindful of this when planning.


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Food For Thought…

  • Consider Your Personal Preferences – When choosing the perfect season for your French destination wedding, consider your personal preferences, your requirements, and your priorities too! If you are dreaming of outdoor ceremonies and warm, sunny days, then choose a summer or spring wedding.  If you prefer the cooler weather and warm and cosy vibes then autumn and winter are for you! Factor in your budget, the availability of venues, and the convenience for your guests too.
  • Keep Your Guests in Mind – Think about your guests when selecting the season. Summer weddings are popular, but they can be more expensive for guests. In contrast, a winter wedding could provide an opportunity for a more intimate gathering, fewer guests may be able to attend thus potentially bringing costs down for you and your guests.
  • Have Flexibility and Backup Plans – The weather in France like anywhere can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to have flexibility and backup plans. Make sure your chosen venue can accommodate indoor ceremonies if necessary, and consider having a tent or marquee on standby for outdoor events. Don’t book your wedding solely based on what the weather is typically supposed to do, as we all know this changes in a heartbeat.


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Each season in France offers a unique backdrop for your love story so choose a time of year that aligns with your vision and priorities. Whether it’s the rustic colours of autumn, the outdoor elegance of summer, or the intimate wonder of winter, By considering your preferences, preferred spend and guest requirements, you can select the season that suits you best and create special memories for all in the heart of France.

Whatever season you are planning your destination wedding in France, Château Saint Georges can make it memorable! If you would like to find out our availability and discuss our year-round wedding packages with us get in touch or You can find more advice below…




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