How To Plan The Perfect Awards Ceremony At Château Saint Georges

From private companies to nationwide and worldwide events, awards ceremonies are the perfect way to give acknowledgment to a person in their field and to celebrate a particular sector or achievement. They’re one of our favourite things to host here at Château Saint Georges and from small awards presentations to large nationwide events we provide the perfect location for a spectacular ceremony! From comradery to healthy competition, and the strive for excellence, awards ceremonies provide fun and exciting events for all attending.  However, the questions in the planning process are tenfold and more. So, how do you plan one? We share some of our expert tips with you on how to plan the perfect awards ceremony at Château Saint Georges.


How To Plan The Perfect Awards Ceremony At Château Saint Georges


Working With Your Budget and Theme

Working within your budget and prioritising your requirements is needed at any event you are hosting. For an awards ceremony, you will need to think about anything and everything. From the hosting of your event right down to special guests, and, the logistics and decorations. Luckily at the Château, we have the perfect decor with breathtaking views that will wow your guests as it is, so that’s one less thing to worry about! Knowing your priorities for your ceremony will mean that you can look at what you can spend where and we can work with you to look at suppliers that will fit within these requirements. If you have a theme for your awards ceremony then think about the cost implications of this too. Having an elaborate idea may not always be needed when your surroundings are beautiful and can be used to your advantage.


How To Plan The Perfect Awards Ceremony At Château Saint Georges

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The Host of Your Event

The hosting of your event is probably one of the most important parts! With a great host that can think on their feet, little can go wrong. Choose a host that is both charismatic and charming. Someone that can hold your guest’s attention and entertain them, whether that be on a stage or networking, it is going to work in your favour. Don’t forget about judges and panels too!

Your running times and events schedule is also of super importance when hosting. You will need to communicate with your guests and us, the venue, what needs to happen, and when. Every event and awards ceremony at the Château is meticulously planned meaning although little things may go wrong somewhere, there’s always a plan in place to resolve the issue and make your awards ceremony a roaring success!


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The Catering

Decide on whether you want a fine dining experience, simple canapes, or light luxury finger food. Is there a theme to your food too? The catering of your event is a huge part of it and making sure you have met everyone’s needs is a must. You will need to take allergies and dietary requirements into consideration too! At the Château we are here to assist in the planning process to make sure you get it just right, we can create numerous different menus to suit your taste and theme and provide the perfect pairing for drinks too!


How To Plan The Perfect Awards Ceremony At Château Saint Georges


Music and Entertainment

Your music and entertainment will have a large impact on the ambiance of your event. You will need certain types of music and possibly entertainment to run across the different parts of the ceremony; from emotional songs to uplifting beats. If it’s a traditional awards ceremony with a stage and acceptance format you will need music for winners to walk up to collect their award. Background music is generally also needed for most events in some way or another, so think about what kind of mood and vibe you want your event to be! We can always advise on this, and if you are having entertainment we have recommended suppliers too.


How To Plan The Perfect Awards Ceremony At Château Saint Georges


Added Value

Entertain your guests! Not everyone who will be attending will pick up a prize or be there to pick up a prize so make sure you add the added value into your awards, especially if it’s a ticketed and paid-for event. This could be in the form of competitions, raffles, auctions, guest speakers, demos, or Q&A’s and not forgetting any form of live entertainment too. You want to ensure your guests have an amazing experience. It’s about planning a ceremony or event that they will remember and of course, talk about!


How To Plan The Perfect Awards Ceremony At Château Saint Georges


If you would like to chat with us about hosting your awards ceremony with us, get in touch! We’d be more than happy to help you plan a spectacular event that your guests will remember forever!

All images are from The Food Influencer Awards held at Château Saint Georges in April 2023

You can see more about the event here>> The Flood Influencer Awards 2023 an Event TM Stylezza Magazine or visit our Instagram for more images from the awards.


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