7 Reasons to Have A Destination Wedding In South of France

7 Reasons to Have A Destination Wedding In South of France

You’re engaged and now ready to plan the perfect wedding for the two of you and we feel that a destination wedding should definitely be considered. There are so many beautiful destination wedding venues, and the South of France has to be near the top of the list. It’s full of picturesque views, palm-lined streets and opulent buildings – a dreamy romantic wedding destination for any couple looking to tie the knot in style. We give you our seven reasons why a destination wedding in the South of France could be for you!


7 Reasons to Have A Destination Wedding In South of France

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It’s So Romantic

Undoubtedly the most important thing about your wedding day will be the love and romance that surrounds you. Having a destination wedding personifies the romance, as you’re whisked away to your dreamy location to say your vows. Whether you choose to have it on a beach or in a private French château the romantic vibes will be flowing.

More Affordable

Destination weddings can be up to 40% cheaper than your traditional wedding day. There are exceptions to the rule, however, but, if you choose the right package and are strict about certain areas, you can no doubt do it at a reduced cost. They also tend to be less stressful when planning, in some ways, as a lot of venues abroad will have dedicated on-site planners who know the venue and packages inside out, so will have the perfect suppliers for what you want.


7 Reasons to Have A Destination Wedding In South of France


Gorgeous and Unique Photograph Opportunities

With beautiful beaches or palm lined drives, your photographs will rival any magazine shoot. You’ll barely need any styling as the picturesque landscape you choose will do the job for you. Your destination wedding photos will be unique, you just have to find the best backdrops!


7 Reasons to Have A Destination Wedding In South of France


It’s a Vacation

Imagine the best vacation you could have! Having a destination wedding and marrying your loved one, surely that’s the best vacation? After getting married you can continue to relax, party, and have the time of your life with your new partner. A weeklong wedding has surely got to be better than one day, and Chateau Saint Georges can be yours for as long as you want it!

More Relaxed Vibe

There’s no doubt about it with you and your guests all on vacation, there will definitely be a more relaxed vibe. You and your guests will have left all the regular stress of everyday life at home, so all you will need to concentrate on is having fun and enjoying the special memories with your partner and loved ones


7 Reasons to Have A Destination Wedding In South of France

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Your Guest List will be Smaller

Destination weddings tend to have fewer guests that will attend. Plus, it means you don’t feel obliged to invite people you don’t really want there. It’s a bit choosing the people nearest and dearest to you.

Spending Time with Your Loved Ones

Weddings that are contained to one day can feel rushed. You are juggling having photos taken, following the itinerary of the day, and trying to get around all your guests and not neglect your nearest and dearest, which can be stressful in itself. A destination wedding with a week-long vacation means you get to spend quality time with the people you love without it feeling rushed!

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