How to Maximise Château Saint Georges’ Features For Your Business Event

How to Maximise Château Saint Georges Features For Your Business Event

A business event at Château Saint Georges is like no other! With a beautiful surroundings, epic scenery and modern tech we provide a venue to be rivalled. Corporate retreats, team building events and an inspirational learning environment is the perfect way to build stronger connections, increase positive communication between team members and create memories together that will last a lifetime. When you book your business event with us, we want to make sure you get the most out of our venue, and there may be some things you’ve not thought about that could make the world of difference to your event and your team experience. Here’s our top ways to maximise your business event at Château Saint Georges and reasons why it’s the perfect place to hire!


How to Maximise Château Saint Georges Features For Your Business Event

Professional Learning and Delivery

The choice is yours when it comes to your business event and layout. We are here to advise you along the way and set up in a way that is perfect for you and your team events. From seminar row seating to individual tables and more. Along with the main rooms including Salon NapoleonSalon Bleu and The Library, it boasts a further three meeting rooms which can be used for hosting your seminar or for extra activities. With multiple spaces for multiple uses, its versatility is one to be rivalled. There’s a place for professional learning, speeches and talks and rooms for nurturing team spirit and motivation, not to mention all the beautiful outdoor spaces, including the gardens and terrace too which can be used to your advantage!


How to Maximise Château Saint Georges Features For Your Business Event

Individual Meetings

Looking for some break-out areas or space for some more personalised and private meetings?  Our Library is perfect! This is a much smaller space that can be used as a more secluded location for anything that needs a quiet space. This could also be used as a silent workroom, so if your team need to get some work done whilst there at the business event they have the perfect place to do it in. The Library can also be used for your evenings off and is ideal for welcome or pre or post-dinner drinks.


Luxury Event Spaces At Chateau Saint Georges Grasse


Brand and Team Photography

Do your “meet the team” pages need some updated photographs? Do you have products that would look even more appealing with an epic backdrop? There are so many wonderful and inspiring locations to use at the Château. From the external views that overlook the town of Grasse, one of the main wonders of the region to the historic artefacts and locations that surround the venue, and it doesn’t stop there. Inside there are multiple locations all as beautiful as the next in their own special way.  There are gold gilded walls, epic floor-to-ceiling windows and even a beautiful wellness centre that’s unique in its own right for some special photography. 


How to Maximise Château Saint Georges Features For Your Business Event

Team Building

All of our spaces can be used for team-building exercises and activities. This could be from professional coaches or it could be an inspired activity such as a perfume-making or cocktail-making masterclass. Wine tasting or local food sampling also goes down a treat!  Building and nurturing team spirit is essential and what better way to do this than getting your team together for something that’s going to get them bonding and communicating. We have an array of recommended people who we work with here at the Château to make your team-building experience a success!


How to Maximise Château Saint Georges Features For Your Business Event

Relax and Recharge

If you want to greatly please your team then give them the luxury of our wellness centre, a tranquil environment before dinner. Our spectacular indoor swimming pool, with its Roman-inspired mosaic in marble, is completely buried and hidden behind a retaining wall of centenary stones. Its impressive features provide the perfect place for relaxing in. It can be used for its primary purpose of a relaxation and recharge zone and boasts a sauna and jacuzzi, or it can be a beautiful background for an evening cocktail reception too.


How to Maximise Château Saint Georges Features For Your Business Event


Our rooms and reception areas can accommodate groups of 10 to 110 people for your business event in the Côte d’Azur. Many activities are available on-site or near the Château to combine work, relaxation and pleasure for an inspired event. If you would like to chat with us about hosting your business event with us, get in touch! We’d be more than happy to help you plan a memorable event that your team will remember forever!


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